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Comdoc DMS solution has greatly contributed to the business of our company. The use of the “Digital Archive” provides quick and easy access to all documents in the company at any time. Before implementing this solution, documents were often misplaced, while now they are securely stored in the cloud.

Also, the option for generating Excel documents, allows you to create a report with all the necessary information about the documents that are in the system, which is important for monitoring business.

Through work in the module “Procedures”, predefined paths for document processing, user errors are minimized, and document processing is significantly accelerated and facilitated.

Official Gazette

Experience using Comdoc DMS Registry E-invoices

With the Help of Comdoc DMS software, we have realized that Electronic invoice or e-invoicing is a way of proving transactions in a more reliable, convenient and secure way. It fulfils the same role as a traditional invoice and is legally equivalent even though it has many more advantages.

Economic savings:
E-invoicing enables significant optimization of resources and thus reduces operating costs. This digital procedure avoids ink, paper, postage, etc. A similar situation occurs when receiving and dealing with e-billing: the costs of handling mail, review, data entry, recording, etc.
Storage: Electronic invoices do not require physical storage space, so we have saved more space and electricity:

• Efficiency
Comdoc DMS Registry uses automated and intelligent procedures, which achieve better results than manual ones, as well as significant time savings devoted to them (about 70%).
** Reduction of repeated tasks and duplication
** Easy and fast integration with other documents

• Accuracy
Comdoc DMS Registry office is a solution that guarantees the accuracy of the system for determined service. Thus, human errors are avoided when entering data and classifying and marking documents.

• Accessibility
Digital documents provide quick access with the same level of security.
*Intuitive categorization: Electronic invoices are classified according to accurate and wide fields, so finding them is faster.
* A wide range of search parameters (such as number, type of document, amount, status, etc.) and the possibilities of combining them, invoices can be easily searched and always have an insight into the status of each.

• Fraud protection
Comdoc DMS Registry has developed a very secure system that reduces the chances of fraud or falsification of documents.

• Integration with modules “Digital Registry Office” & “Procedures” the most significant benefit so far. Since we have a large number of purchase invoices, the possibility of group indentation of incoming invoices is of great help in work.

• Reports* – control of outbound and inbound accounts with arbitrarily defined attributes are easily exported to Excel.

• Integration with the ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics Navision) in which we create sales invoices has contributed to the complete automation of the process. Time is smaller and efficiency is higher.

Radio Television of Vojvodina

In the Public Media Institution “Radio Television of Vojvodina” with the implementation of ComDoc DMS and digital centralized archive, the quality of work itself has improved in terms of saving time on defective documents that will not enter the further procedure.
Saving time for searching for documents that are in digital form (search by document number, by company’s ID number or by selecting the desired time period) as well as speeding up the procedure of signing documents, and therefore more efficient is making decisions on payment priorities.

The implementation in terms of saving money is due to reduced printing, paper cost, toner and therefore printer servicing. With the introduction of the e-invoice module in the DMS, which is directly related to the SEF, the registry office is enabled to automatically download purchase invoices, book credits, book debits and advance accounts with just one click, and the withdrawal of the invoice also entails other attachments that we no longer have to process individually, which has reduced the waste of time on scanning these documents.
Invoices that come from the SEF, through the e-Invoice module, we no longer have to write in the account book (work book). After completing the procedure, the documents are automatically archived to the digital archive.

Procedures are transparently monitored through the history of procedures, although the documents themselves are not available to persons who are not authorized to do so. In terms of document security, administrators have the ability to assign privileges at different levels for each user individually.
The implementation of ComDoc facilitates communication between different sectors of the company through comments in DMS.

Igor Ristić, PhD
Head of IT and System Business Support Sector

AUNDE SRB d.o.o.

Digitization of paper documentation through Comdoc DMS has led to evident time savings for the distribution and sorting of received documents. The entire archive is now a few clicks away.

In addition to the numerous options that “Digital Archive” offers, automation of the process for document processing also enables transparency in work and, therefore, creates an opportunity to optimize business and find bottlenecks.

The system is as easy to use as it is to administer, making it easier to adapt to changes in business. Also, Comdoc DMS customer support is at your service whenever we need help or assistance in our work.



In our company, about 40,000 different incoming documents pass through the registry office each year.
The process of documenting in the work book, the publication of internal delivery books on a daily basis, the deployment for each sector individually, and later their search was a difficult job.
Since the introduction of ComDoc, the work has accelerated significantly, archiving automatic documents are recorded in the work book, internal invoices are created at a click, and search and access to documents is instant and protected by the assigned privileges on the system.
In addition, we automated workflows through defined workflows, which also contributed to improving efficiency in our business.

Miloš Milenković
Head of IT sector of PUC “Mediana” Niš


Law Office “JSKM”

Managing the subjects we work on has never been easier.
All documentation is easily archived and classified by items, which are easy to find with the help of descriptive parameters strictly defined for our needs. I can find information about the subject I need outside the office, so I have the data I need to work at all times.

Nenad Krstić
Law Office “JSKM”


Accounting agency “Tomas”

ComDoc DMS has saved us space, because we no longer need to archive documentation in paper form, it saved us time, because the documentation is easily and quickly accessible from anywhere at any time.

Miloš Tomašević
Director of the accounting agency “Tomas”


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