Coming ComDoc as a document management system (DMS) is a natural environment for working with electronic invoices, if we know that invoices are documents with a predefined structure.

The Coming DMS application already has all the necessary tools for document manipulation, which makes managing invoices much easier.

The new Law on Electronic Invoicing introduced the obligation to use the Electronic Invoice System in transactions in the economy, which implies that all economic entities (from private and public sector) in the future exclusively operate through electronic invoices.

Coming offers a complete solution that fully meets the legal requirements and enables connecting users to the Electronic Invoice System, and creating, sending, receiving and approving electronic invoices, as well as monitoring their status and receiving notifications to the user’s e-mail. The solution can be integrated with all modern accounting software and ERP solutions.

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As the electronic invoice exchange software can be used integrated with the Coming DMS application, you have the opportunity to store, archive, search and manage documentation in one place, in accordance with the policy of your company, through the establishment of work flows tailored to each user.

Each action on the invoice in the DMS is directly reflected on the state of the invoice in the central system of the Ministry of Finance, whereby the ministry guarantees the validity of the data and in response sends information on the change of the invoice status, and the DMS after receiving the status information, thanks to its open architecture, can inform all related systems, to which this information is important.
This ensures process automation and data credibility at all times.

Time limits in the receipt of electronic invoices play a very important role because they affect the obligation (contractual) relationship, which is why it is necessary for the user to keep a regular record of the time of receipt of each individual invoice.

In response to this request, our solution has a warning system, which informs users that the deadline for processing invoices is approaching. With this kind of automation in business, we come to the most important advantage of DMS, which is the reduction of the possibility of error in the work process itself as well as the possibility of “losing” invoices.

In addition, by using our solution, you get visibility when exchanging data, communication takes place in a faster and easier way. Registrars and vast paper piles are avoided, and documentation is stored in one place, with access enabled at any time, from anywhere. All of these saves time and money.

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